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How do I purchase Yurtle for our employees? 

You have several options. You can reach us directly by filling in our Contact Us form on our website. We will contact you directly thereafter. If you’d like to deal with us through your consultant, please introduce us using our email,


How do I onboard our employees? 

Once you have created a company profile, in less than 3 clicks, you can bulk or individually add employees that will be part of the plan. This will trigger an automatic onboarding email to be sent to all chosen employees. Job done!  


What are my responsibilities after onboarding our employees?

Other than keeping your employee schedule up to date, nothing! However, your portal can be used to get an overview of key analytics regarding your employees use of the platform, such as engagement levels and satisfaction rates.


What happens if there is a personnel change at our company?

Some turnover is inevitable. Let us know by keeping your employee schedule up to date on your Yurtle portal. 


Can I cover all our employees?

Yes. You can cover all or part of your employees. If you are buying a Yurtle plan that includes insurance cover, you must cover all employees, or a self-contained section of your workforce, e.g., all members of your warehouse staff”. 


How does Yurtle arrive at a price?

We charge a fee per employee, per month. We offer volume-based discounts; more employees, higher discount. 


What must I provide to receive a binding quote for Yurtle insurance?

We require an employee schedule. This will include the gender split at the company, employee ages and occupation. This can be sent to us separately via email or via the Yurtle platform.  


Who underwrites Yurtle insurance? 

Yurtle insurance is underwritten by Starr International (Europe) Limited (SIEL). SIEL is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority (FRN 676783).

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