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Why the turtles? 

Turtles are our mascot. Hence our name! We picked turtles because they are the longest living land animals, and we are all about longer, healthier lives at a more sustainable pace. We also liken our insurance cover to their shells, which protect them. 


How do I set up my account? 

Once your employer has purchased a plan on your behalf, you will receive an email with an activation link. Once you have completed your profile, you will have full access to the Yurtle care management platform. You will be ready to go in under five minutes!   


How do I know if my plan includes Yurtle insurance? 

Except for our Bronze plan, all Yurtle plans include accident and sickness insurance for carers and non-carers, underwritten by our insurance partner, Starr International (Europe) Limited. 


What is an insured event under my Yurtle cover?

Hospitalisation resulting from accident or illness. Our cover also pays a benefit for permanent total disablement (e.g., paralysis, blindness), whether it is as a result of illness or accident. Lastly, our insurance policies may also cover accidental death. More information is available in your insurance policy document. Your HR department should be your first port of call for more details. 


How does Yurtle’s insurance work?

Our insurance pays either a daily cash allowance in the event of hospitalisation, or lump sum benefit. In the event an active Yurtle member suffers a health emergency, these funds can be used to cover the cost of back up care (arranged via the Yurtle platform) or however the policy beneficiary desires. 


Who pays for my insurance cover?

Your employer pays. 


Who selects my benefit level?

Your employer. 


How do I claim on my insurance?

To make a claim, depending on the type of claim you or your named beneficiaries can call +44 (0) 333 320 2220 or email


Where are insurance funds paid following a valid claim?

Payment is made to your preferred bank account, usually your current account. Your payment details will be solicited, with your permission, when making a claim. You can update your bank details at any time by emailing


What is the Yurtle care management platform? 

Alongside our insurance product, you are granted access to our care management platform. Therein you can connect with substitute caregivers, care guides, curated carer discounts (rewards), and a care calendar to co-ordinate tasks with family. 


What rewards are available? 

We have partnerships with various companies, all of which make your life as a caregiver, much easier! We have secured discounts on your behalf. Some examples include: 

  • HouseKeep: an award-winning, digitally enabled domestic cleaning company to support your or a loved one with menial tasks. Enjoy up to 30% discounts  

  • Hugh James Solicitors: a UK-wide legal services firm to help you with the legal headaches of caregiving. Enjoy up to 10% discounts 


What do I do if I have an issue with a reward partner? 

We encourage people to seek a resolution to a problem directly with our partners in the first instance. If you cannot reach a satisfying resolution, we will handle it for you. Just tell us what went wrong at

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