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Carers’ Policy


Putting together a policy outlining your support for carers helps them understand what to expect, eases discussions with line managers and avoids HR being needed in every case. 

Why a Carer’s Policy?

There has never been a better time to create a carers’ policy for your workplace, here’s why:

  • The Carers’ Leave Act requires you to have provisions for colleagues to take time off for caring

  • The Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Act has some crossover with carers

  • There is growing political support for the campaign to make caring the UK’s 10th protected characteristic, meaning carers would enjoy protections under the Equality Act

  • More employers are considering their benefits for carers, and how they will support them when they come forward with time off requests.


Moreover, this is a way to signal to existing and potential employees the support you provide, and attract and retain the best talent.

What does a policy include?

At it’s most basic, a policy would include info on carers’ leave and any processes to follow, but there are myriad ways that companies can take steps to go further, including: 

  • Detailing employee benefits, such as Yurtle, available to carers

  • Drawing from adjacent policies to remind of carer-friendly practices, such as flexible working and career breaks

  • Providing details of peer support and networking opportunities, such as a workplace carers’ champion, a carer’s group/Slack channel, mentoring schemes

  • A toolkit for managers, including awareness-raising, how to identify carers and offer support

  • Steps taken to ensure that carers are not discriminated against and are proactively supported with career progression


How we can help

Support with auditing your existing policies, making recommendations for your carers’ policy and drafting are included in this service.

We know that a carers’ policy helps with utilisation and impact from your Yurtle purchase, so we make policy-writing support free of charge with Silver and Gold purchases.


As a standalone, this support costs £5,000 and you can have your new policy ready to adopt in as little as two weeks.

Want to know more?

In our ageing world, caregiving is the number one priority for employers, whether they know it or not. Talk to our team to propel your workplace into the modern day. 

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